Sapling Collective

an interdisciplinary professional group promoting cross-industry co-production and knowledge-sharing in climate action, environmental justice, and sustainability.

Our members approach this space through their work and studies in law & policy, finance & economics, STEM & energy, food systems & agriculture, activism & justice, art & storytelling, conservation, and much more.

We come together around the collective belief that a sustainable, resilient, and just future for all demands revolutionary collaboration.

Our Vision

Horizontal co-creation. Intersectionality. Inter-sector understanding. Diversity and inclusion because everyone plays a role. Shattering silos. Peeking into happenings across industries and initiatives. Staying informed. Sharpening skills. Reimagining our relationships to each other and to the plant. Understanding that a sustainable future for all means revolutionary collaboration. All hands on deck. Let's get to work.

Founded by Liz Forster & Sanjana Sekhar

/ Liz is an environmental law student at the University of Montana
/ Sanjana is a filmmaker & regenerative communicator


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